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15 Marketing Jobs That Pay Well - 마케이팅분야 오픈포지션 및 Salary
03/02/20  |  Views: 11233  
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February 14, 2020

The marketing field is available to people with a wide variety of abilities. Whether you are skilled in writing, analytics, graphic design, leadership or others, there are marketing careers available to you with high earning potential.

Marketing careers are also a good option for nearly any educational background. Whether you have studied marketing, business, english or art, there are marketing specialties that can benefit from your experiences. Many marketing titles vary from business to business, so pay close attention to job descriptions to ensure you are applying for the best fitting position.

While other fields might have high-earning entry-level positions like engineering or healthcare, marketing earning potential increases as you gain more experience. Here are several marketing jobs with high earning potential that might be a good fit for you:


Top marketing jobs

National Average Salary: $46,402 per year

Primary Duties: Community managers are responsible for maintaining and developing online communities related to a brand or company. Another interpretation of this title is a person who is responsible for representing a brand in online properties such as social media, reviews, forums and more.

Companies with this position: ViacomMonster EnergyNBC Universal

National Average Salary: $50,391 per year

Primary Duties: Social media managers are responsible for overseeing and developing social media strategies for a brand. They might work at a marketing agency or directly at a company to increase and maintain the health of their social media presence.

Companies with this position: AthletaWeWorkRegus

National Average Salary: $53,389 per year

Primary Duties: Public relations managers are responsible for managing a company’s public-facing image. They complete tasks such as developing relationships with key publishers, writing press releases and manage potentially damaging situations.

Companies with this position: CenteneMacy’sAmazon.com

National Average Salary: $56,111 per year

Primary Duties: Media planners are responsible for identifying optimal patterns, times and platforms for distributing a marketing campaign. They typically work for a marketing or advertising agencies for one or more clients.

Companies with this position: BuzzFeedCramer-KrasseltRPA

National Average Salary: $57,506 per year

Primary Duties: Content marketing managers are responsible for developing and executing content strategies for a company to meet its sales goals. The content might include items such as blogs, videos, photos, infographics and more that is then distributed through various media.

Companies with this position: GoogleIntuitFacebook

National Average Salary: $62,053 per year

Primary Duties: Account managers might work for agencies or publishers and are responsible for managing a book of business made up of one or more clients. They might also be responsible for upselling or carrying out renewal sales to ensure the client meets sales goals. They should manage a client’s campaign to ensure their marketing and advertising goals are met.

Companies with this position: AaronsVerizonDell

National Average Salary: $63,494 per year

Primary Duties: Global marketing managers are responsible for focusing on a brand’s international marketing presence. They oversee and maintain operations between multiple marketing managers who are responsible for different markets.

Companies with this position: DeloitteAramarkUber

National Average Salary: $64,460 per year

Primary Duties: Digital strategists identify a business’s goals to develop and execute digital marketing plans. While they might solve problems with both traditional and digital marketing products or services, their main focus is working with digital tactics.

Companies with this position: IBMGallupGoogle

National Average Salary: $68,326 per year

Primary Duties: Data analysts collect and interpret data for various business functions. The difference between a scientist and analyst is that analysts simply perform data collection and interpretations as opposed to analyzing risk and providing decision recommendations.

Companies with this position: TroncHumanaAdobe

National Average Salary: $69,895 per year

Primary Duties: Brand managers are responsible for developing and maintaining the way a brand is perceived. They will work closely with design, marketing research and public relations teams to increase and strategically position a brand in the market.

Companies with this position: Red BullPepsiCoBelk

National Average Salary: $69,911 per year

Primary Duties: Market researchers study selling and buying patterns as they develop in our market. They translate economic and financial trends to make product and messaging decisions for a business.

Companies with this position: JLLAflacCiti

National Average Salary: $78,072 per year

Primary Duties: Business analysts are responsible for identifying and interpreting data to make important business decisions. They work with many different departments including finance, marketing and sales.

Companies with this position: AccentureCiscoBoeing

National Average Salary: $83,903 per year

Primary Duties: Marketing directors are responsible for leading marketing groups to ensure processes run efficiently and both team and employee’s personal goals are being met.

Companies with this position: Chick-fil-AComcastAT&T

National Average Salary: $109,289 per year

Primary Duties: Product marketing managers are responsible for developing talking and presentation points for sales representatives to sell a product. They create sales collateral and train sales professionals on the best ways to market a set of products for upselling, renewals and booking new business.

Companies with this position: Old NavyHoneywellMicrosoft

National Average Salary: $127,764 per year

Primary Duties: Data scientists collect and interpret information to understand the statistical risks of business decisions. They are responsible for providing recommendations to top executives and other management regarding finances and other business development decisions.

Companies with this position: Wells FargoKPMGNielsen

When applying for marketing positions, highlight your hard and soft skills by reviewing the job description and incorporating relevant keywords. Some common soft skills in marketing include effective communication, creativity, active listening and organization. You should also include any transferable skills if you are changing careers or applying for different positions than you have professional experience for.

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